Updating Your Garage Door Quickly and Easily

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Updating Your Garage Door Quickly and Easily

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Off The Track? Helpful Garage Door Repair Info For Homeowners

While housing the car, lawn equipment, and tools is an important function of the average garage, many families also use this space as an oversized storage room. No matter how your household chooses to utilize the space, a safe, dependable garage door is needed to protect the contents from the elements, vandalism, and theft. When the garage door goes off the track, becomes misaligned, or experiences other repair issues, homeowners will want to take steps to provide needed repairs as quickly as possible. 

Common residential garage door repair issues

Garage doors, even newer models, can weigh hundreds of pounds. Over a period of time, this weight, coupled with stress from frequent opening and closing actions, can cause damage to the components that hold the door in place or allow it to open and close on command. 

Some of the repair issues homeowners typically experience with a garage door include a misaligned door, bent or damaged tracks, or damage to the belt drive system, torsion spring assembly, or chain drive system. Homeowners may also experience problems with opener systems, remotes, and the electric motor that powers the entire opener system. 

Potential safety issues found in faulty garage doors

Garage door repairs are too often put on the back burner by busy homeowners, even when the inconvenience factor is significant. However, homeowners should know that there can be serious safety issues when repairs to a faulty automatic garage door are postponed. 

For example, springs or belts that have become stretched or frayed can allow the garage door to fall unexpectedly, potentially endangering people or pets who may be standing in the path. Bent or damaged tracks can also cause the door to fall or become stuck if attempts to operate the door are made before it is repaired. 

Another potential safety issue that homeowners should consider involves attempting a DIY garage door repair. As an example, repairing or replacing the electric motor could result in a serious risk of electrical shock. Similarly, homeowners who attempt to repair broken springs, belts, chains, or damaged tracks seldom have the equipment or training to safely lift and hold the cumbersome weight of the garage door during the repair process. 

Homeowners who are experiencing problems with their garage door should consider contacting a reputable garage door repair service. These professionals are trained to inspect all types of automatic garage doors, determine the scope of the problem, and provide homeowners with prompt, skilled services to repair or replace a troublesome garage door. 

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