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Updating Your Garage Door Quickly and Easily

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Top 3 Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Break

Garage door springs perform the important, strenuous work of tightening and unwinding while the door is closing and opening. Their primary purpose is to lift and counterbalance your door's weight. Although the constant pressure may trigger their failure, other factors may also contribute to these springs' breakage.

You may have observed that opening your garage door requires force, regardless of the weight of the door itself. Since all this weight is held by the springs, it is important to maintain them in optimal condition. Below are three factors that can trigger the breakage of your garage torsion springs:

The Effect of Wear and Tear

Frequently using your garage door exposes the torsion springs to significant wearing over time, inevitably getting to a point where they cannot handle the strain anymore. Although regular maintenance is invaluable, it cannot avert the wear effect since it is a natural process.

Nonetheless, routinely servicing your door springs can increase their lifespan significantly. It is also prudent to call your technician over for annual garage door inspection and maintenance. However, investing in biannual professional servicing would be beneficial if you reside in an overly cold region.


Rusting is very likely when the springs encounter water or any type of corrosive element. Therefore, rust buildup is particularly widespread in coastal regions because of the humid, salt-rich air. In such conditions, the door springs require proper monitoring and care to prevent sudden breakages that could lead to accidents.

Since a buildup of rust gradually weakens the coil by increasing friction, it can be addressed by lubricating the coils of your garage door at least thrice yearly with either a silicone-based lubricant or some white lithium grease. Thus, ensuring routine care helps considerably increase your garage door springs' lifespan.


While all garage entryway springs collapse in due course, with proper care and servicing, it should not happen without notice. By applying the required care to your door, you are able to notice when failure signs start showing and address issues while they're still relatively minor. On the other hand, a neglected garage door can fall apart seemingly abruptly, causing injuries and damaging property.

To avoid such harm, hire a garage door technician for a regular checkup, especially regarding your door's balance. Additionally, since more spring breakage issues occur during winter, it's a good idea to pay keener attention to your door during those months.

Although garage door spring failure may occur due to the above reasons, you can ensure that the springs serve you effectively by facilitating proper care and maintenance and calling the technician to address any issues affecting their optimal functioning.

Contact a local garage door repair service to learn more.