Updating Your Garage Door Quickly and Easily

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Updating Your Garage Door Quickly and Easily

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2 Signs You Should Replace Your Old Garage Door

If you have a garage with an old garage door, you may have noticed that lately it is not opening and closing properly, prompting you to wonder if the time has come to have it replaced with a new one. If so, look for the following signs that you should replace your old garage door soon.

1.  Door and Adjoining Wall Shake Excessively 

One sign for which to look when trying to determine whether your old garage door should be replaced is excessive shaking. If the door or the adjoining wall shakes violently every time the door is in motion, there are a couple of serious issues that may be causing it.

First, the door's cables or springs may be worn, stretched, or even broken. When the cables or springs are damaged, there is a possibility that the door may come crashing down while the door is moving. You may also find that one day you are unable to open or close the door at all.

Second, the hinges on the door may be broken or have been knocked out of alignment. Even if you try to replace only the hinges, the door will most likely never be square again, which will put pressure on the door as it moves and possibly cause even more damage. In the long run, it would be better to replace the entire door.

2.  Door Pops and Bangs Whenever It's in Motion

Another sign that your old garage door has seen better days is when you start to hear loud popping or banging noises whenever it is in motion. At first, you may only hear the sounds occasionally. However, as the damage becomes worse, you may hear it every time you use the garage door.

If you are hearing either one of these noises, the door is no longer square and is incapable of moving smoothly. Because the door is moving unevenly, pressure is placed upon the door, springs, and cables.

Eventually, one of these parts will break completely. When this happens, you will either be stuck with an inoperable door or the door itself will fall and cause damage to the structure and anything it falls on.

If your garage door is exhibiting the above signs, it is time to seriously consider replacing it before it breaks down completely. Contact a company that offers garage door replacement services to discuss your options for installing a new door.