Updating Your Garage Door Quickly and Easily

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Updating Your Garage Door Quickly and Easily

When it comes to making your home look like a million dollars, it is all in the details. When I went to list my home for sale a few years back, I realized that many of the other comparable listings had loads of details that my home was lacking. I wanted to make things right, so I started focusing on small things like repainting the walls and updating my garage door. After making the changes and re-listing my property, the house sold in under a week. I wanted to create a blog all about updating your space. Check it out!


Properly Securing Your Garage Doors

Your garage is one of the areas of your home that are at the most risk of being victimized by criminals. There are a few reasons for this. First, criminals know that a garage is generally full of a lot of expensive tools and other items in one smaller location, which means they can load up and get out fast. Also, the garage is separated from the rest of the house just enough so the criminals don't have to worry so much about being seen or heard while they are robbing you. This article will help you to properly secure your garage so you can reduce the chances of it being victimized by someone.

Put motion sensor lights outside of the garage

Motion sensor lights will go on any time someone walks within their target area -- and this can alert you and even your closest neighbors to the fact that someone is approaching the garage. It can also startle the trespasser enough to change their mind about breaking into the garage.

Secure the windows

Take a close look at the windows in the garage from both the inside and the outside. You want to make sure they are secure and that the frames are in good condition. You can also have window guards installed on them that prevent someone from being able to open or break them to get access to the garage.

Secure the side door

If your garage has a side door, then you want to make sure the door is solid and that the hinges are on the inside of the garage. You also want to verify that it has a deadbolt lock on it that's a high-quality model. Doing these things will help prevent someone from being able to come in through that door.

Secure your main garage door

You definitely want to make sure you keep the main garage door secured. One thing you want to do is to change the code for your opener at least a couple times a year. You want to follow the manufacturer's instructions that came with your model for this since they are all different.

You also want to prevent a criminal from being able to open the door by reaching though the top with a long wire and pulling on the emergency lever. In order to prevent this from happening, you want to take a zip tie and use it to secure the emergency lever to the track that's directly above it. This will make it so they can no longer pull the lever down to open the door. If your garage door is damaged, you should have it fixed or replaced immediately so a criminal can't get in the garage.